7 Awesome Benefits of the Trap Bar

A trap bar or hex bar is commonly used gym equipment that is used for building strength power. What makes it suitable for most of us is that it minimizes injury risk and you can use it for a number of exercises as per your training need. Whether it’s a commercial gym or a home gym, you will commonly find people using them for dead-lifts. They help strengthen glutes, back, and hamstrings.

As you can use a trap bar in a number of ways, you will find it to be one of the best and versatile pieces to improve your performance. If you are not sure whether you should be buying a trap bar or not, check out the range of benefits it offers before you place an order.

  • Safe for your Back
    Going by the design, you will notice that they are different from the traditional barbells. What makes it suitable is the fact is that its weight is centered with the body. When you step onto the bar, its sleeves come on both your sides. Talking about a traditional barbell, its weight comes in your front and hence, the trap bar is more aligned with the center of gravity. This alignment helps create a better and balanced position while giving several benefits to your back when it comes to training with it.
  • Versatility
    Versatility is probably one of the major reasons why people use it. You will be in contact the bar only with your hands when you are gripping. As no part of the bar touches your legs at the top or bottom, there won’t be anything restricting your movement. You can perform Farmer’s Walk quite easily with a trap bar as the weight is on one solid piece, you will feel more stable while walking and can also enhance the isometric output of your core muscles. Even the neutral grip presses can be done easily with this.
  • Less Shear Force on the Lumbar Spine
    This is one of the greatest benefits of this bar that make people love it. When you are doing traditional straight bar deadlifts with this bar, the axis of rotation goes further from the load while creating shear forces on your lumbar spine. In such a position, the potential of injury is greater. But when you are using a trap bar for the same purpose, the rotation becomes in line with the load and hence, can reduce a significant amount of shearing force. This way, you can maintain a neutral, safer position.
  • Build Great Power
    When it comes to building strength and explosive power, a trap bar is a great piece of equipment. You can notice a great improvement in your performance while doing trap bar deadlifts. Such deadlifts can also show improvement in peak force, peak power, and peak velocity values in comparison to straight bar deadlift. This can help weightlifters lift more weight and that too more quickly.

By now, you would have made up your mind that you wish to try your hands at trap bars to get their benefits. Raw Fitness Equipment is the best online store for you to find the best trap bar and parallette bars to add to your workout routine.

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